Zadar – Krka Falls – Sibenik: The Best of Croatia

Zadar – Krka Falls – Sibenik: The Best of Croatia

We traveled to Zadar Croatia for a long weekend and stayed in the old town. It was a awesome place to visit and we would suggest stopping there. We also took a day trip by car to the Krka National Park as well as visiting a small town called Sibenik. They were equally as nice.

Zadar Croatia - Stay in the Old Town

Zadar Croatia is a nice little city that is not as ouver crowded and some of the more popular cities like Split and Dubrovnik. I would recomend staying in the old town which is a walking city full of sites to see and places to eat.

Zadar’s old Roman Forum should be explored as part of a walking tour of the city. There is plenty of sites to see if you just like walking around and working up an appetite

Go see the Church of St. Mary & Benedictine Monastery and some other sites like the People’s Square which include the old City Guardhouse.

You cannot miss the Renaissance Five Wells Square and the beautiful surrounding gardens.

Zadar is a port town with some amazing super yachts and enjoy a day out on a boat tours. Being right on the water, you can enjoy a relaxing walk along the coast and watch the boats go by.


The island of Ugljan is directly across from Zadar and easily accessible by boat. There is a small beach however it is very rocky probably not the best for sunbathing. However you can swim along the crystal clear water at the local swimming spots if you want to get wet.

Zadar’s famed Sea Organ was installed in 2005 and is now one of the top art installations. It is basically a giant musical instrument played by the action of the waves. Right next store is the Greeting to the Sun which is a Modern monument to the sun, consisting of solar panels that create a colorful light show at night.

Zadar is one of the most unique places to visit along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, where in-the-know travellers come to feast on seafood, watch dreamy sunsets, and sip cocktails at oceanside bars. Also enjoy its Roman ruins, art installations, and beaches. Zadar Croatia is not the most popular places so a great place to visit without the crowds. 

If you get a chance head over to the Krka National park and see the falls.

Krka National Park - Krka Falls

Krka national park is one of the two Croatian national parks that contain lakes and waterfalls! Situated in the middle of Šibenik-Knin county in Croatia Krka national park covers a total area of 109 km². Krka is actually a river in Dalmatia, Croatia’s southern-most province, which due to the local terrain forms into beautiful waterfalls.


If you get a chance head over to the Krka National park and see the falls. It was raining the day we went, however there are wooden walkways so we did have to trek through the mud.

From what we understand, they use to let people swim at the base of the falls however they have stopped that for environmental reasons. The falls are not the biggest but it was worth the trip to see the beautiful landscape.

We stopped and ate something hot at the end of the journey. Even though it was a wet day it was still a great day out. 

Sibenik Croatia

Sibenik is on of the unique Croatia’s Adriatic towns in that its history lies neither in Roman or Greek origins. Somewhat overlooked as a tourist destination and, although small with a population of just over 50,000 people, the town still has some fantastic sights which exist from Venetian times.

Sibenik is sometimes called the city of fortresses

St. John’s fortress was built in 1646, together with fortress Barone. Its main purpose was the defence against Turkish attacks that occurred in 1647.

Fortress Barone is located only a few hundred meters away from St. John’s fortress. The main attraction is a high-tech museum with the technology of augmented reality used to provide an experience of the battle of Sibenik that took place in 1647.

There is St. Michael’s fortress is the oldest and most famous. It has architectural elements of various artistic styles since it was reconstructed multiple times during history.

And lastly, St. Nicholas fortress is another Venetian 16th-century masterpiece of art located at the entrance to the St. Anthony’s channel. It was built for the purpose of defence from the seaside.


Sibenik is full of history and small little alley ways to explore. And my favorite, good food. So walk around and work up an appetite.

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