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We both grew up in the USA and travelled all around locally but we found ourselves coming over the pond more and more for travel in Europe. With overseas travelling getting expensive, moved to London seven and a half years ago where we now spend most of our time travelling throughout Europe.

There are still a lot of countries to visit in Europe before we make our way over to Asia for our next adventure. We started this blog so we can start sharing our wonderful experiences and some of the things we learned along the way.

Chanie Crete Vacation

Our recent trip to Malta and Bologna​

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Visit the beatiful town of Santa Cruz, Madiera We had a 11.5 hour layover in the Madeira Airport and decided to get …

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We plan to travel the globe and share our journey with you.

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We will share our experiences and advice, like what pack and whereare the things to see.

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We will share travel deals and when is the best times to visit certain locations.

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